Nox-Rust X-121 Black


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Aerosol Can, Case of 12, Case of 4, Pail


Nox-Rust® X-121B (also known as “Nox-Rust® X-121 Black”) dries to a firm wax-like black colored film that will repel water, self-heal, and remain flexible at low temperatures. Can be easily applied using low-pressure airless equipment.

Specified for use in General Motors Service Bulletin19-NA-255, General Motors Service Bulletin 14002


  • A thixotropic wax-gel rustproofing compound
  • Designed to provide a long-term protective film
  • For use on automotive primed and unprimed steel
  • Ford Tox Number: 196380 (aerosol) and 196544 (non-aerosol)

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