Nox-Rust 7703-W


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Nox-Rust 7703-W is a low color, translucent rustproofing compound with a thin gel, but low viscosity. This allows for film builds on vertical surfaces and for seam penetrations (capillary action) into areas with metal-to-metal overlap. The resulting film is wax-like in nature and will repel water, self-heal and remain flexible at low temperatures. Dry time is 4 hours to touch and overnight for full cure.   Commonly used as a coating that is applied after automotive maintenance or OEM recall related repairs.

Specified for use with Ford Technical Service Bulletin 15S14 and Ford Technical Service Bulletin14S22

Specified for use in Honda Service Bulletin 15-090 


  • Designed to provide a long-term protective film for automotive primed and unprimed steel
  • Can be applied using low pressure airless or air assisted airless equipment using accessory spray wands
  • Formulated to pass all the requirements of Honda’s Specification titled Test Method on Wax

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